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Elder Care Resources

Senior Care Issues Families Face

The issues outlined below impact the lives of seniors every day and are just a few of the reasons why families look to Home Instead Senior Care to meet their home care needs every day.

Cooking Under Pressure
The Home Instead Senior Care network is arming seniors and family
caregivers with nutrition resources for healthy aging.
Healthy aging is a goal we all share and, for seniors, a well-balanced diet
can be even more important. Good nutrition is the first line of defense...
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Talk Today Before Encountering a Crisis Tomorrow
Toronto Home Instead Senior Care Franchise Owner Bruce Mahony knows that, unfortunately, it is usually a crisis that begins conversations. Families with seniors who have emerging needs-those not yet facing more serious age-related problems-are sometimes reluctant to seek help; communication is often the barrier. "When there's not yet a crisis, it's a slower process for families trying to engage their senior loved ones," he said. "We see families going back and forth trying to make a decision about what to do."
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Advice On Family Caregiving
At Home Instead Senior Care Toronto, we know that caring for a senior isn’t always easy. Every day, all across the country, people juggle the demands of their busy lives. Jobs, children, and dozens of other activities all compete for time. And then mom or dad gets sick or otherwise needs in-home help.
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Night Fright
When the sun goes down, seniors' fears often take center stage. During the day, Alzheimer's related dementia regularly sends an 86-year-old woman into states of confusion. But at night, her situation worsens considerably. In the dark, she is terrified and often doesn't know where she is or whom she's with. Across the city, another woman about the same age also fears nights. It's then that she wonders who might know she's alone and if they'll break into her house and rob her.
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Running on Empty
New survey, Web data show dramatic toll of stress on those who provide home care for older adults. She awakens in the morning still exhausted after a fitful night of sleep and immediately feels overwhelmed. There's the report due at work today that she's not had time to prepare, afternoon soccer practice for her son and a school-board meeting that night. Then, somewhere in the brief free moments of her day, she must find time to care for her 84-year-old mom at home alone, who can't drive anymore or see well enough to take her correct dose of medication. There are no easy answers about how to fit her mom's senior care needs into the juggling act she calls a typical day.
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Caregiver Stress
Caring for an elderly family member can cause stress in the life of the caretaker. View the results of a survey from and find out why it's important to tap into resources that can help.
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Depression in Seniors Can Lead to Illness, Diabetes
According to the April 23, 2007, issue of Archives of Internal Medicine (a JAMA/Archives journal), older adults who experience symptoms of depression - whether they have occurred only once; increased in frequency or intensity; or just remained steady over a 10-year period - may be more likely to develop diabetes than are those without depressive symptoms.
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Gardens Brighten Seniors' Lives
Rebecca's Garden star and Home Instead Senior Care make gardening fun for older adults.
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Use It Or Lose It
Home Instead Senior Care helps keep seniors' minds on the move.
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Senior Makeover Tips
Seniors can look and feel better from the outside in with a little help from Victoria Principal and Home Instead Senior Care.
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